How Do We Define An Individual As A Main Character? Essay

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How do we define an individual as a main character? How do we outline his or hers attributes? How do we exemplify their qualities as the foremost leader? In the Shakespeare play, Julius Cesar, most readers, writers, and most definitely even William Shakespeare himself see the main character of the play as someone such as Brutus, Cassius, Antony, or even Casca, but why? Do we perceive them as the main character, because they have more lines than anyone else? Is it because the act extensively hones in on their role? Or, do we surround a particular performer with lesser or diverse people in order to make that part seem greater than everybody else’s? What is it? By these means, we overlook so many other true leaders of the play. We significantly neglect the real sense of a main character of the act. In this Shakespeare play, there are exactly 2,685 lines in the play, giving an average of 537 lines per act and an average of 149 lines per scene. But, out of all of this, the true spearhead of the play, the Messenger, only receives 4 lines of this piece, and those lines are him actually relaying someone else’s words. Why you ask, then, is he the genuine main character? It is simply how we define a true character. The Messenger: A true leader of the act, but yet, a truly neglected character of the drama. His life, his duties, and his trades are all majorly overlooked in each scene of the performance. Yet, he brings to the act the true leadership and true attributes –…

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