How Do We Combat These Issues And Effectively Have Interpersonal Communication?

1485 Words Oct 15th, 2015 null Page
Interpersonal communication, such a complex word for a seemingly simple task. It is something we do everyday, without even having to think. But, when applying it to business it gets tricky. There are effective ways to communicate and meet the demands of the business world. Though sometimes, it can get jumbled in all the noise. Also how does social media come into play? This begs the question, how do we combat these issues and effectively have interpersonal communication? Communication is part of a bigger social structure. It “ takes place in a context, which means it is impacted by physical location, time, social/ psychological considerations (emotional relationships) and impediments such as language or culture differences” (Regis University, 2015).

There are multiple communication models, the two-way communication exchange and the transactional communication. Two -way communication is the most typical (common) model. This involves one person sending and other receiving, then responding. However, personal interpretations can change the dynamic and cause missed or mixed messages. This is where separation and confusion come into play. Someone who has mastered communication skills, seeks ways to prevent and fix these mixed messages (Regis University, 2015). On the other hand, there is the transactional communication model. It states that two people form a connection when interacting. Communications is no longer viewed in one stream, but instead broken up by the each…

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