How Do The Texts You Have Studied Explore Confronting Aspects Of The Human Condition?

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How do the texts you have studied explore confronting aspects of the human condition?

Encapsulated within the human condition, is the universal awareness of inevitable death, whereby the fear of death challenges individuals psychologically and emotionally to consequently instigate the aspiration for a purposeful life. Thus, the desire to discover purpose and achieve fulfilment in life, resultant of the distress of eventual death, compels individuals to find meaning through the enhancement of genuine affiliations with others and the surroundings and achieve self-actualisation through spiritual enlightenment. This trepidation of imminent death, resonates powerfully within the Selected Poetry of Emily Dickinson, and Brené Browne’s speech on the “Power of Vulnerability”, whereby both speakers express how authentic connections with people and the world allow individuals to find meaning and cease fearing death.

A sense of connection to people and nature is essential as it allows individuals to achieve an inherent sense of self-fulfilment that allows them to prevail over the consternation of death. In particular, the need for the enhancement of human relations is expressed within Dickinson’s “I died for beauty, but was scarce”, where the speaker’s companionship, allows her to gain a sense of fulfilment in life that reduces her fears on death. Dickinson’s companionship with a fellow “kinsmen”, contrasts with the grim theme of mortality to signify the importance of genuine…

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