Essay on How Do The Scriptures Characterize The Love Of Money?

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How Do the Scriptures Characterize the Love of Money?

During this time of the year, Christmas, it easy to see how our world is consumed with the need for material things. Social Media and media at large inundate us with material items that promise to provide happiness, status, and security. There is an overwhelming feeling of not being able to live without a surplus of material things. Material items come with a price: money. Our lives can become consumed with the pursuit of more money. The love and pursuit of money are traps that can be easily triggered. The Bible encourages us to be good stewards of money, not accumulate debt, tithe in honor of God’s goodness and help others with our surplus. In contrast, the Bible is clear that the love of money is the road to or root of evil. This paper will attempt to analyze the biblical view of love for money: money is not the source happiness, loving money is expensive, and the love money will lead to evil. Can be happy without an abundance of money? Is money the true source of happiness? We assume that money will produce a better life, security and access to greater material things. However, everlasting happiness comes from a true connection with God. Money only provides a temporary happiness. Psalm 37:4 states, “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” True hhappiness comes from increasing and pursuing a connection with God. By placing our faith in Him, we are guaranteed happiness. Money…

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