How Do The Following Factors Have An Influence On The Demand Of Tourism Products

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Jade Smith. Question Three: Influences on Demand.
How do the following factors have an influence on the demands for tourism products in Rotorua?
Motivating Factors
Motivating factors have a very big influence on both international and domestic tourist wanting to visit Rotorua. The demands for the tourism products within Rotorua is what lures tourists to this area, and the surrounding areas. Rotorua is known for being situated in the middle of the North Island, and that idea alone has become interesting to tourists. Rotorua is a cultural center for all indigenous Maori people, they have lake Rotorua available for people to see which is also Rotorua 's namesake. Motivating factors have an influence on the demands for tourism products in Rotorua as people may be interested in the history of the Maori culture.
Rotorua is known for it 's tourist attractions, this has a huge influence on the tourism industry within New Zealand as people would like to see what 's so fascinating within Rotorua and see what it has to offer. Rotorua has geysers and thermal mud pools which are fueled by the area 's geothermal activity. Te Puia is the home to the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute and the world famous Pohutu geyser which erupts many times daily.
The history New Zealand is known to about Rotorua makes the world interested as there are so many stories and tales that haven 't been said. From the 1880 's onwards, pink and white silica terraces in the thermal Rotorua region was…

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