Essay about How Do Teens Become Depressed?

1508 Words Nov 6th, 2016 7 Pages
Erika Wheatley
Professor Nohle
25 October 2016
How Do Teenagers Become Depressed? Depression is a mental illness that affects an individual 's body, attitude or mood and feelings that have an emotional impact on the way a person does tasks such as sleeping and eating, the way an individual feels about themselves, and the way an individual thinks about things. Depression is a mental illness that is extremely serious and thousands of people deal with it every single day. It is an extremely serious problem that affects every aspect of the life of a teen that is suffering from depression. “Approximately 20 percent of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood.” (Teen Depression) When a teen with depression is left untreated it can lead to problems in their household and at school, abuse of drugs, self- hatred of themselves, and at the most serious level can lead to thoughts of suicide. Society needs to be able to identify signs of depression in its earlier stages to help regulate the illness before it is too late to help. Many teens across the United States of America live daily with Teen Depression. According to Mayo Clinic, there is not one single known cause of teen depression but it could be from multiple factors. (Krans, Brian) There are many misunderstandings about teen depression as there are about teenagers, in general, this paper will go over the causes of teen depression so that we can better inform ourselves and can recognize teen…

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