How Do Siblings Affect Children

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Register to read the introduction… Among fathers who have participated in research those who evaluated their families as having organized routines experienced less stress (Dyson, 1997, p. 275) However because of the high expectations fathers have of their sons, they might be especially disappointed when they have a boy with a disability. Fathers who are coping poorly themselves tend to find it difficult to be supportive of their partners. The use of interventions aimed at fathers can be helpful and must accommodate the family’s cultural values and roles (Seligman & Darling 2007). The problems that are apparent in families of children with disabilities are non-existent in families without. The perceived stresses in families were largely due to the child’s special characteristics and physical limitations and to the parents’ pessimism concerning the child’s future.
Financial Effects
Raising a child with special needs brings financial challenges and strain other families do not face. This financial burden encumbered by covering expenses due to the high costs of special needs school, therapy, medical care, etc. can put tremendous stress on a marriage. If the child has severe physical needs, it may not be possible for both parents to work outside of the home, which may cause additional financial burdens.
Effects on
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