Essay on How Do People Learn Help Cope?

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Fear is incapacitating, it holds you back and holds you down. As you grow older, you see more of the world. You see it thought the news, people and books. As you grow older and see more, the more you know what to fear. When you come out of childhood you learn that the monsters you feared under the bed may not be there, but you learn that they lurk in the streets and the halls of your life. As time passes you discover not only to fear monsters but also emotion, failure, change and loss. How do people learn to cope? How, after finding out that the earth is so terrifying, do people continue on? How can people survive or have the ability to know how to survive and thrive.
When I was a child, I feared any modification to the life I was comfortable with . I was so set in the life I was comfortable with that I was a very picky eater and even refused to introduce myself to new people and friends. In order to pass the time I read the notorious Goosebumps series. I loved them more than anything, so much so that I owned every issue, including the special edition build-your-own story lines. R. L. Stine was the best author to ever live and will never be surpassed by another. They were horror stories and when I read them I thought I was facing my fears and coping with them. As the years dragged on I started having nightmares, my books were filled with monsters but with no one to face them. My mother noticed how I was addicted to the finding my fears but I wasn’t coping with them. The…

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