The Everlasting Impact On The Lives Of Their Children

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The experiences parents face can leave an enduring impact on the lives of their children. Growing up, several adolescents and children observe the struggles and successes their parents go through. Ideas and desires of how children wish to live their numbered days are products of what they have observed their parents encounter. There is an everlasting effect that can be seen in the way children think and hope to be because of their family. For some teens, these impacts can influence and motivate them to be like their parents, but for others the effect parents have had on teenagers leads them to strive to be the complete opposite of what they grew up with. Similarly, the person I want to be in the future has been molded and influenced by the lifestyle my parents have lived. After continuously watching the way my parents have had their fair share of difficulties and accomplishments, I have created the idea of a person who I wish to be that shares and contrasts some features of my mother and father.

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