Essay on How Do Our Choices Make A Difference?

1491 Words Apr 17th, 2016 6 Pages
How do our choices make a difference? What course of action would result in the most favourable outcome? Where to focus efforts in order to generate maximum attention, interest, or income? We face such elementary yet essential challenges regularly, and a myriad of assessments as well as practical challenges over the course of our management degree has furthered my understanding about the practical application of managerial practices. In order to better understand the practices that determine our success as a manager, we were presented with components in the course that shaped my understanding of the history and origins of the modern economic system based on capitalist paradigms that we inevitably have to engage with. A module dedicated to human resource management shed further light on the authority structures prevalent in aforementioned contemporary corporate environments, and the importance of an organisation’s internal culture. Without undermining the importance of numerous topics, lectures, or schools of thought, I particularly established an affinity into the study of alternative corporate culture structures within professionally organised environment’s in varying geo-political segments. As I reflect on the vast volume of knowledge acquired through this module incorporated within our degree programme, I believe the platform to compare and contrast varying methods and ideas in the practice of management provided me with the opportunity to construct a strong knowledge…

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