Compare And Contrast The Strategies And Techniques Of Parents Essay

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your own?
The strategies and techniques my parents used to teach me how to behave through my parents giving time to be with me and keeping me busy. Since I was under the constant care of my parents, I hanged and played with them leaving not much of an opportunity to misbehave. They took me out to the park and took me places to play with other children to build relationship and having fun. My parents never abandoned me as they never put me under the care of someone else. They spent so much money on toys, watching cartoons with me, playing with me, taking me out to eat out at restaurants and doing all that they can for my well-being. Due to all that my parents had done for me to constantly stay busy under their God-like love and care for me kept me behaving most times. The same strategies and techniques worked with my younger brother as well as he is my only sibling.

The only real problem with me when I was little
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I am as well happy that I am all able to spend quality time with my family which I know most people in the world can’t afford. I believe this turned out to be this way under the guidance of the Lord as He and She loves and cares for me just like for others. This was for a bigger purpose not only for my happiness and to understand the situations around the world for me with others to work towards helping the world progress towards the good in every way possible.

My parents are proud of me and are grateful that I was such a nice sweet caring behaving boy but not at academic wise in Canada which I would say would have turned different if I grew up in Bangladesh. However, I want to say my childhood was at most times great but not always which is all you can ask for since nobody will ever get a full excellent

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