How Do Mass Killings Affect Society

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Everybody is aware of mass killings. They hear about them all the time on the news or on social media. Most of them are not as drastic as the media portrays them to be, but none the less they still hurt numerous people. There has been a lot of research done to try and figure out what triggers these killings and the type of people the will go through with killing a group of people. Between the different types of mass killings to how they classify the offenders and why they do it and to the effects they have on society, there has been a lot of discoveries and theories made. Since they are dealing with human nature though, there is no getting to an exact 100% answer that covers everything.
Mass killings have dated back all the way back to ancient times all around the world. Most of what people think about when it comes to mass killings they get from Hollywood. From movies and stories, people think that all murderers are deranged or are evil geniuses. (Morton, 2010) This is not necessarily true. As a majority, the offenders suffer from many different types of personality disorders but they are not considered insane under the law. There are some out there that people who know them say that the offender wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone take the life of other human beings.
Mass killings are best defined as three or more people murdered
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They are grouped by specific person(s), specific groups, diffusion, and specific place. They mean exactly what they sound like. The first one, specific person(s), is when the offender goes out and tries to murder a specific person. They are usually perceived to have wronged the offender in one way or another. This means that the target is known to the offender. Most of the time they do not harm anybody else, they only seek to harm those that are targeted. There are some cases in which bystanders try and stop the offender and end up getting injured or killed. (Petee, para.

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