How Do I Think One? Essay

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When I was faced with the following questions: “What I believe to be real,” “How I know what I know,” and “How I think one ought to behave,” I had never necessarily thought about questions such as these three, but I have thought about how I believe one should not act, or was not real, which made it relatively easy to answer these questions. In my opinion, the answer to each of these questions is generally straightforward. What is real? Faith. Faith in others, faith in a higher power, and faith in oneself. How do I know what I know? People. It is always interesting to me to watch how others interact and how, when faced with a difficult problem, how people respond. One can learn a tremendous amount by watching and engaging with other people. How do I think one should behave? Through their knowledge. A child is not going to behave the same as a fully functioning adult simply because of their different levels of knowledge.
What I believe to be real is faith. Faith often carries a religious connotation or a reference to a deity. Although faith is obviously essential to all religion, it is not strictly a religious ideal. People can have faith in just about anything or anyone. Children have faith that their parents will keep them safe, teachers have faith their students are learning and succeeding in their class, students have faith in their teachers to prepare them properly, passengers on an airplane have faith in the pilots abilities and knowledge to keep them safe. Faith does…

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