Essay on How Do I Define Discrimination

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1. How do I define discrimination in my own words?
Discrimination occurs when an individual faces unfair treatment because of the prejudices directed toward a group to which that individual belongs. I used the word unfair because I think that is an important aspect of the way discrimination is applied in today’s society. That is to say, discrimination in America does not just mean that different groups of people are treated differently; it means that different groups of people are treated unfairly.
Further, discrimination does not only occur when there is a formal rule or policy in place that accommodates, encourages, or insures unfair treatment. Individuals can engage in discriminatory practices both casual and formerly. Individuals who do engage in such discriminatory might not even always make an active choice to do so. Unconscious biases and prejudices one’s can influence actions. 2. How has this subject affected me and/or other people in my life adversely? Provide an example to illustrate how this has had an effect on you and/ or others in your life.
In my own life, I have been discriminated against based on my gender. I am a woman who works in a heavily male-dominated field, computer programming. Discrimination has affected both my working relationships and my work opportunities.
I have experienced some behavior that I would categorize as explicit discrimination. At my first job, the employee handbook dictated women wear make-up to work. Though the…

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