How Do I Communicate With Parents? Essay

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How do I communicate with Parents?

As a teacher, I believe that parental communication is essential to operating an effective and efficient classroom. Prior to the first day of school, I try to call the parents of students whom I will be teaching in the upcoming school year and introduce myself to them. I give parents the information that they need to contact me through the school such as my school email and phone extension or how to leave a message for me at the school. I also send home notes periodically praising students for things that they have learned and accomplished.

In addition to this, I will send notes home, call, and email parents if there is an issue that I believe could become something major in a classroom. Most minor problems, I try to handle within the classroom so that parents are not bombarded by things coming from me.

On top of all of this, I do my best to build a rapport with parents through meeting them as early in the year as possible at open house events and having something good to say about their students. I have learned that parental communication and support is essential in helping students to become the best that they can be.

How do I organize my classroom?

Through college, I learned that I myself and many other people tend to learn the best in peer discussional groups and in class discussions. As a teacher, I see myself more as a coach and mentor than as a dictatorial director of a classroom. I usually set my classroom up with the desks…

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