How Do Healthcare Professionals Describe Dying Well For Patients?

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The concept of dying well within the hospital setting is often one of considerable contention and results in a frequent practice based issue. End of life decisions often present themselves within the hospital and it is one of the most prevalent settings for this issue. When these end of life decisions occurs, the patient should feel a sense of control and autonomy over their care.
The research question that will be assessed in this paper is how do healthcare professionals describe dying well for patients when facing end of life in a hospital setting? The purpose for conducting this review is to allow for an improved understanding into the influences that surround dying well. When these influences are better comprehended, it allows for interventions to be implemented sooner and improved care for patients to occur. Qualitative research into this issue allows for a more in-depth analysis and can assess the experiences that concur with dying and its impacts on healthcare to have improved outcomes. Preconceived notions surrounding dying have numerous complexities which increase the probability that prolonged suffering and trauma will occur for the patient, family and the associated staff member caring. These misconceptions and lack of understanding occurs due to poor education of the patient and their family. The relevance of this topic in the nursing profession is immense. A significant number of death related decisions occur within this hospital setting. Furthermore, as the…

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