Essay How Do Employees Make Or Break A Company?

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Now that we have discussed how important and/or detrimental workers ' emotions can be, how do we manage them when they get overwhelming? A major part obviously involves an employee controlling his/her own actions. Many leaders do not realize, almost all of a worker 's motivation is dependent on how well they are treated. An employee needs to feel their boss will listen if they have a problem and step up if they are in need. This is why employees can either make or break a company. If a leader cares about their employees, that business will have a staff that will do anything to improve and make the business grow like it is their own, but if workers do not feel appreciated, they will certainly show to everyone they do not really care. One way to manage these emotions is to enact emotional labor. Emotional labor is when a person has to plan and control their desired emotions during professional transactions. This means acting compassionate when a client has a problem, or concerned when they ask to talk to your supervisor. Anyone who has had any type of job at all, knows this can be a VERY difficult thing to do. This proposes a question, how much is just enough when hiding your true emotions in a professional setting? It is different for everybody, but it is necessary to find your own way of doing things and handling certain problems.
Emotions and individual behavior in the workplace goes hand to hand. Emotions determine the kind of behavior an individual would…

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