How Do Children Develop Their Literacy During The Second Language? How Are Their Development Portrayed?

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How do children develop their literacy in the second language? How are their development portrayed? : The integration of all language systems and skills in learning to read and write

The author deliberately included some thoughts from the L1 Emergent Literacy scholars to provide a general overview of the emergent literacy in the L1 context in the beginning, then move on to the more specific discussions of studies that investigate the similar phenomenon in the bilingual children context. Clay, Goodman and Goodman, and Chall are three distinguished scholars whose concepts of emergent literacy are included for this purpose. The studies they conducted were populated by first users of the language (L1) and were aimed to analyze the emerging literacy development of children in their L1. The inclusion of the L1 Emergent Literacy scholars is based on two considerations. First, Johns (1990), identified that in the early development of second language writing field, theories of L1 were largely used to explain the phenomena and the pedagogy of second language writing. ( p. 25) The second consideration is based on the notion put forward by Matsuda and Pew ( 2002) on the lack of studies on early second language writing. Prior to 1998, Kenner ( 2004) reported that there was no “ systematic studies in early bilingual writing.” So, for this reason, the author assumed that the included studies conducted before 1998 would still apply L1 emergent literacy theories. Clay, Goodman and…

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