How Do Boys Learn The Rules For What It Means? Essay

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How do boys learn the rules for what it means to be masculine? What are the differences in what those lessons are based on a person’s social economic status (SES)? What happens when a boy does not have the resources available to meet what society defines as being a man? The answers to these questions influence how boys grow into adulthood. The process of how boys mold their perception of what manhood is determines how they interact with society and contributes to their values and life goals. Violence has been an American staple for manhood since its conception. Early movies depicted wild west gun fights and strong, fearless, womanizing men as heroic role models for American men. Since then men have continuously been portrayed as independent, mavericks, who are always in control and lacking sensitivity in music, movies, novels. and television. Compassion and sensitivity are linked with feminine traits leaving men who are strong in these values as being considered less than men. The purpose of this paper is to identify what social mechanisms are in place to perpetuate the masculine stereotypes and what the consequences are.
Labeling theory is a theory which suggests that how people are perceived and labeled can have important and longlisting consequences for how they are perceived, treated, and what opportunities are available and which opportunities are withheld (341). For instance, Dr. C. J. Pascoe asserts that one could be labeled a fag whether a person violates…

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