How Do Alan Bennett And Iain Banks Present Gender And Sexuality? Boys And The Wasp Factory?

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How do Alan Bennett and Iain Banks Present Gender and Sexuality in The History Boys and The Wasp Factory?
Gender and sexuality and predominant themes within The History Boys and The Wasp Factory, both ideas are used as plot devices and are discussed frequently throughout the texts.The main focus of the two pieces feature male protagonist and in both text present the female as the “antagonist” or the least liked out the characters. The female characters are also catalysts to some events in the two texts. Sexuality, especially within The History Boys, is used to give an insight to the reader about the characters way of think. The talk of sexuality poses the gender question about men and whether sex is more important and more thought of compared to women. But with contrasting protagonists and their views on sex this could be argued either way.
Gender in The History Boys is very male-centric. The majority of the characters in the play are male and the play focuses on the male gender, even from the title the audience realise that the play is going to revolve around “”. Gender is seen in the play from a typically teenage male viewpoint, which could be argued to be quite vulgar and misogynistic, though this is true with the character of Dakin but with Posner, because of his sexuality contradicts this idea and is seen as the most effeminate male of the group. In the first act Dakin is seen as referring to Fiona using a war metaphor, this is typical male language. The use of the…

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