How Do African Americans Have Equal Opportunity

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ALL AMERICANS HAVE EQUAL OPPURTUNITIES. America is the nation of immigrants. In American history millions of people left their homelands for a chance to start a new life in a country filled with opportunities. Many immigrants reason for leaving their homeland where to escape war, others for freedom to practice religion of their choice. However, the main reason why immigrants come to America was and continues to be, is to escape poverty and a chance to work, to be able to support their families, own properties and live what we call “the American dream”. This is why I strongly stand to that all people of color are given equal opportunity for success in this county. Equal rights have always been a premise of the Constitution and a more than …show more content…
If you go to school get an education your opportunities in America are unlimited. In America you will never be denied something if you are qualified, it doesn 't matter what color you are. After reading the r made very strong valid points in whys she believes “ black progress is a myth”, and her argument why African Americans aren’t doing better than they were when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Almost convincing me, but I slightly disagree, she points out African Americans mainly but I feel people of all colors have come a long way from that statement. Affirmative action has taken place new legislation passed down by congress continues to make sure that everyone from employers to agencies cannot discriminate against men and woman of all races, religion, sexual orientation, and etc. which indeed helps equal rights. As with discrimination against people of color, sex discrimination is not legal and that makes things quite a bit better because lawsuits can be brought. But in the same way there is still undercover discrimination and stereotyping that keeps some people from attaining the success or the freedom of other people. She opens up the article with “Ever since Barack Obama listed his right hand took his oath of office, pledging to serve the United States as its forty fourth president, ordinary people and their leaders around the globe have been celebrating our nation’s “triumph over

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