How Do Advertisement Agencies Target Their Specific Audience Into Buying These?

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If we look all the way back at the early European travelers in the early 1500’s that set their destinations on the Fountain of Youth, a magical source of water capable of reversing the aging process for man, people have been obsessed with the idea of looking younger. As people are aging, there is one common trend amongst everyone, how to achieve the effect of looking and feeling younger. As much as people do not want to believe it or come to terms with their bodies aging, everyone will eventually grow old and die. To prevent this process, people will go to extreme lengths to prolong their young, fresh skin in order to always look and feel good. Health and beauty companies take advantage of that mindset and gear their advertising to appeal to the older generations that want to look younger. How do advertisement agencies target their specific audience into buying these ‘magical’ products? By using the three means of persuasion of advertising incorporated in the elements of advertising. The three rhetorical appeals are used to convince people that they need to look younger in order to be happier and healthier with their lives.
The main culprit that targets the incomprehensible society of older aging people is makeup and beauty companies. Nivea is a popular German personal care brand that sells skin care products. Nivea uses middle-aged women for their models and retouches the image to give them a glowing and fresh look. The image is usually focused on the model’s face to focus…

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