How Divorce Is Acceptable And The Importance Of Marriage Essay

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Divorce is an ongoing issue in today’s society and people should learn when divorce is acceptable and the importance of marriage. Marriage is a covenant between God, man and a woman and should not be taken lightly. Marriage is an institution created by God and divorce should be a last resort, but is allowed in instances of adultery. The Bible discusses marriage in detail and has many examples. Marriage was created for one man and one woman to last a lifetime. The man and woman are to become “one flesh” and since one cannot do this with more than one person at a time polygamy is not an option (Grangberg and Root, 2001). Within marriage a woman is to submit to her husband and the man is to love his wife. In biblical times the husband’s brother would marry his brother’s widow and provide for her and her children. God created marriage to be a good thing that lasted for a lifetime. Two views can be found on when God considers a couple married. The first one is based on 1 Corinthians 6:16 and states that the act of sexual intercourse is when God considers a couple married. The second view is when a man and a woman declare their desire to be married and they intend to commit to a pure long term relationship with one another. The latter view is supported more. A person who has had sexual intercourse because of a rape would not be considered married to their perpetrator. Also one has to consider the people who are married and for some reason may not be able to participate in…

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