Essay about How Disney Has Become A Success Story

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Over the decades, Disney has become a success story in making themselves global and profitable. Disney has grown, expanded, branched out and even contributed with many major companies but, Disney would not be the way it is today without the brilliant savvy businessman, Michael Eisner. In 1984, Eisner took the position of Chairman and Chief Executive of the Disney Company. He worked for ABC three years’ prior before becoming the CEO at Disney, and was clever at making incredible deals which seemed to work in his favor. In the “Bio” article about Michael Eisner states that, he “transformed the company into $1.8 billion in enterprise value, and a global media empire that valued at $80 billion” (Bio). However, he didn’t do this alone he “racked up $19 billion in the takeover of Capital Cities and ABC, which then create Disney as one the world 's biggest media conglomerates” (American Media Sharks).
As in terms of what is a media conglomerate, that is a large company that owns smaller companies that widely use different programs for broadcasting. Even though the programs and networks are different, they all still connected to one corporate entity for example, Disney. Disney is one of the top five large corporations that have multiple media broadcasting such as: the ABC television network, ESPN, Miramax Films, Discovery Magazine, Hollywood Records, and many other major productions. These other media outlets help bring in revenue as a whole for the company and allows consumers to…

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