How Discipline Is Good Or Bad? Essay

1388 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
Tradition presents a much different way of enforcing discipline than more modern philosophies of today. Many people today see the traditional way of discipline as borderline abuse, in that spanking was more readily accepted in the past. Those in the older generation may see today’s modern tactics as useless and unbeneficial. The modern disciplinary techniques are more about the reward for doing good, than punishment for doing bad. Like any other controversy, there are those who reside in the middle, who see the positives from both points. It is not to say that one is wrong or right, but that discipline, no matter the form, should instill a beneficial change in a child’s behavior. The point of discipline is not to scare a child but to show them that there are consequences for their actions. As the child grows they are more able to discern what the consequences are and how to avoid them. Perhaps the greatest differences in how parents discipline is the divide in the motivation behind the discipline. There are parents who seek to instill in the child values that are based in the absolute of right and wrong. As well as parents who only seek the end result without teaching the child any connection to values. In other words is the focus on instilling intrinsic values based on a set of an absolute standard of right and wrong, or is the focus on simply the end result – changing an undesired behavior that doesn’t go deeper than a person’s feelings of right. The changing of behavior…

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