How Digital Evidence Affects The Digital Constitution Act Essay

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In our generations, computers have changed how we socialize, behave, and act over the environment. Our economy consists of millions of users spend hours surfing the web, stay up to date with current events, and take part in many activities. People use electronics in creative ways that can complicate the analysis process, importantly when attempts are made to conceal digital evidence. Law enforcement agencies and business companies are regularly updating their legal guidelines to explain how digital evidence affects the digital constitution act . As a result, criminals developed their own tools to conceal their crimes creating complications for law enforcement, private businesses, and . Today, investigators need to learn from many standards of practice: researching from old to new computer systems, expand mechanical knowledge, create new developments and solutions for any investigation.
Computer forensics is important because not only it will save your organization money, it can help secure a great portion of technology budgets for computer and network security. For example, a cyber-attack on a company can expose millions of private accounts or be used against air traffic control creating confusion to flight schedules. When combined together with traditional investigative techniques, digital evidence can provide the necessary clues to track down criminals. Fahdi noted about the importance of digital forensics
“Respondents also identified, improving communication between…

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