How Different Factors Can Have Positive And Negative Impact On Your Workplace

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Question 1
Evaluate how different factors can have positive or negative impact on your workplace relationships.

Factor Describe and explain how this factor can potentially have a positive influence on work place relationship. Describe and explain how this factor can potentially have a negative influence on work place relationship.
1 consultation This factor is very significant topic on workplace. It’s very aider for progress. Without any moral support it’s very difficult for take decision and do work each other. Consultation is very helpful for relationship on workplace. Sometime someone is giving to much advice so someone does not like this type consultation. And sometime giving wrong advise its create confusion on our workplace.
2 Quality of work Every employer wants good quality of work. If you are doing good work it’s making strong relationship on workplace. Your progress and your increment its totally depend up on your quality of work and congenial relationship. In this factor many point including like no magnitude to colleagues, Do not finish work on time. Some time you are not doing quality works its bad impression of relationship on your workplace.
3 Your leadership style That leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. If I discus about my experience my leadership style is most important for group. Every group member doing work each other by leadership style. A leadership style creates the climate…

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