Essay about How Diets Affected Beef, Lambs, And Goats

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A team of researchers led by Ana Guerrero reviewed how diets affected beef, lambs, and goats. Unlike the previously discussed articles, they focused on more than just pasture raised beef as an alternative to conventional feedlot practices. They reviewed work done on cattle who had their corn diet replaced by glycerin. It was found that the change had no effect on color, texture, chemical composition, fatty acids, or sensory characteristics (such as smell, taste, etc). They also state, “In another work, diets containing different percentage of dehydrated lucerne in concentrates for bulls produced significant effects in succulence, but tenderness, flavor and instrumental meat quality remained unchanged” (Guerrero et al 2013). They found that providing steers with more lucerne, a plant also known as alfalfa, only changed the juiciness of the meat. Other quality factors were unaffected. They also observed that cattle who were switched to a pasture diet the last thirty days before slaughter had no change in meat quality, but cattle switched to pasture starting at four months prior to slaughter had a significant change in meat color. They did not mention what the color change was (Guerrero et al 2013).
The final piece I researched was a book by Rossarin Tansawat titled “Chemical Characterization of Meat Related to Animal Diet.” She researched the nutritional effects on meat from different diets. “Ribs from pasture-fed animals had a much lower fat content, which was its main…

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