Essay on How Did You Know You Want An Educator?

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How did you know you wanted an educator? Better yet, how does anyone know? The real question I had when I walked in to speak with my administrator was how did she know that she wanted to be an administrator? The response was a big surprise to me. But overall the interview with my administrator went into not only how she became an administrator, but I wanted to know what her passions were and what type of problems she is currently overcoming in her position amongst other topics. It is fascinating how the vision a person has at the beginning of their educational career is much different that the vision that they have once they are fully immersed in their craft. My administrator has worked in the district for 16 years now. She attended Cal State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) and obtained her teaching credential, a PPS Credential, CWA authorization and a Preliminary Administration Credential all at once. Determined, she completed all of her education within 2 years since she wanted to start a family. This type of drive and motivation is admirable many of the educators I know did not have the foresight to plan ahead. After 6 years in the classroom, she was able to transition into a CWA position in the district. This position was not advantageous to her, and she suffered a significant amount of dissatisfaction as a CWA. She was challenged by the inability to directly impact the students at her school. When a position opened in the district that would…

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