How Did William Win the Battle of Hastings Essay

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Why did William win the battle of Hastings?
In this essay I am writing about why William Duke of Normandy won the battle of Hastings.
At the time of Edward the confessor there were three claimants to the English throne. One of the claimants was Harold’s. He believed he should be on the throne because he was Edward the confessor’s brother; he was born in England and was the most powerful English earl. The next claimant was William duke of Normandy. William believed he should be king because Edward the confessor promised him the throne for his support and Harold swore an oath on holy relics that he would be king. The last claimant to the throne was Harald Hardraada; Harold believed he should be king because there had been Viking kings
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The army’s compared. I think William was better prepared for battle because he had 4500-foot soldiers, 2200 nights on horseback and 1700 trained archers and trained soldiers that are heavily armed. That army took six months to form and Harold’s army only had 5000 soldiers not trained only formed in 6 days followers from a 200 mile march after the battle of Stamford bridge. The Normans had a easy landing and prayed the night the before the battle and the English drank beer and might have had a hangover or no sleep. Harold’s army had no archers just a few trained soldiers and the rest were just peasants armed with farming utilities. *
Harold had a few misfortunes because he had sent all army home because he fought William was not going to come. Just as he sent his army home he got news that Harold hardraada was at the north of England and then Harold quickly had to raise an army. Once he had raised an army he went to battle he had 200 mile march there and then when the army was over he had to march back to have a battle with that was destroying, burning and starving out nearby villages and towns. The worst was that he building flat pack castles nearby in less than 5 days. William had already got some land before he went battle. William would do anything for the throne. William wanted revenge over Harold that William accused of being a usurper. * * * The battle was on Senlac hill were Harold Godwinson, earl of Essex had got there first and

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