How Did We Have A Two State Solution For Israel And Palestine?

1366 Words Dec 5th, 2014 null Page
How did we get to this point?
In order to objectively provide any insight on whether or not a two state solution for Israel and Palestine is possible, you have to understand the root of this stalemate. Jewish influence has transformed the American psyche since the Civil Rights Movement. Embracement and acceptance of minority rights and multiculturalism would have taken much longer to achieve in the United States without Jewish influence in activist movements, law, politics, and mass media. Nonetheless, the amount of hatred directed towards Jews is mind boggling. The amount of anti Semitism that persists today is more restrained in the United States when compared to Europe. This assertion is based on media reports, history, and first person accounts. Moreover, there would not be a Jewish state created in the middle of hostile Arab nations today if it wasn 't for the unconceivable amount of hatred directed towards Jews by Europeans and Nazi Germany. No event in history is comparable to the Jewish Holocaust. Furthermore, although Christian churches dismiss the claim of Jew crucifixion, historically, Jews have been the recipients of an enormous amount of prejudicial hostility because of this orientation (Goldstein). The creation of a Jewish state in once held Palestinian land is a form of Anti Semitism itself since Europeans did not want a Jewish presence in their countries. From a realist standpoint, no one respect weakness and Israel’s ability to survive is only…

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