How Did the Versailles Treaty Help Cause Ww Ii Essay

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How Did the Versailles Treaty Help Cause WW II In 1914, the World War I just started and ended four years later in 1918 but later World War II had just begun. In World War I fought mainly in Western and Eastern with this war caused many deaths. (BGE) With the technology they had machine guns, and gas mask. After a year later they signed a treaty called Treaty of Versailles (BGE). Treaty of Versailles is a peace treaty between the Allies and Germany in 1919. What helped that causes WW II in Versailles Treaty? The Treaty of Versailles helped caused World War II by treating Germany harshly in at least three ways is Territorial Loss, Military Reduction and Economic Reparation.
Solitary approach in Versailles Treaty treated Germany harshly
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This territory has lost after the World War. Territorial losses helped cause World War II because some countries started to lose more territory or increase territory to the winning side
A third technique the Versailles Treaty treated Germany harshly was military reduction. In German Army was not to exceed in one hundred thousand for German military troops (Doc B). It was Georges Clemenceau idea to reduce military strength and to never attack or threaten France again or the rest of Europe. France has the largest combined army of reservist and peacekeeper than Poland, Czechoslovakia, Belgium and lastly Germany (Doc B). Belgium and France were allies and Poland and Czechoslovakia were allies. The military reduction helped caused World War II because it didn’t let the military to recruit more people to the army and let the army exposed for an attack or invasion that might happen.
Even though there were other motives the Versailles Treaty distressed Germany and therefore contributed to World War II. For example, the war guilt clause was one of the cause that helped WW II the treaty was unfair to the Germans and the Germans felt it was atrocious injustice. However the foremost grounds of the way Versailles Treaty treated Germany was the military reduction because it limited place in a military for those people wanted to be in the

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