How Did The Transatlantic Slave Trade Exist Today

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The Transatlantic Slave Trade or the Atlantic Slave Trade provided plantations in the New World numerous slaves that would birth generations of slaves and perish in servitude from the 15th century until the 19th century. The first African slaves in the New World, arrived in Chesapeake, Virginia in 1619 after being sold off of a Dutch ship (70). This first transaction would signifcantly transform the colonies, plantation societies, and, agricultural economy. However, theses transformations directly coincides with the horrendus actions of slavery and the generational discrimination and oppresion of Africans that continues to exist today. Begining in Africa, slaves were captured and sold by both white slave traders and also by their own people in return for weapons, gold, spices, and other bartered goods. The slaves were then forced upon a ship for months to sail through The Middle Passage until they reached their final destination in the New World to live the rest of their lives as property in servitude. The 18th Century was the peak of the Atlantic Slave Trade, large numbers of slaves were captured on raiding expeditions, prisoners of war, kidnapped. European traders captured Africans along the coast or the southern horn of Africa; however, most of the …show more content…
However, this success came from the enslavement of millions of African slaves that would lead to the discrimination and oppresion of Africans for generations. Slaves endured abuse, decapitations, and, grief in order to transform the southern colonies' economy into the most profitable of the colonies; furthermore, adding enthusiasm to European merchants to participate in the Transatlantic African Slave Trade. African slaves became a staple in the profitablility of the econonmy in the New World and The Atlantic Slave Trade was a prominent factor in establishing its

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