How Did The Spanish Civil War Influence Spain

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Long before the Spanish civil war, before Francisco Franco the dictator of Spain and before King Juan Carlos l came into power Spain was ruled by a Monarchy with a King and a Queen as the head of the government. This system worked well for Spain for decades but in 1923 a military dictatorship took power over Spain, the former King of Spain, King Alfonso Xll supported this change. The dictatorship lasted until 1930. In 1931 elections took place in which Republican candidates won and went on to create laws that separated the influence the military had on the Catholic Church, Land owning elites and many other things that the military once influenced. However these elections and the decision to lessen the influence the military had was very …show more content…
Although both sides fought the war with all of their power in the end the nationalist were victorious. The leader of the nationalist whose name was Francisco Franco, a former army chief and an avid authoritarian rightist who also supported the monarchy and the military and Gothic Churches influence on everyday life in Spain was announced the Dictator of Spain. From that point on Franco ruled Spain under his dictatorship which was very dark time for most people in Spain especially those who publicly disagreed with Franco or the Catholic Church. During his rule Franco allowed the Military and Catholic Church to have a lot of influence over the people of Spain’s everyday lives and essentially forcing the people of Spain to support both causes. Despite the fact that Franco had complete control over Spain he knew that he would not live forever and needed to make a plan for who was going to take his role as the leader of spain when he died. In 1947 Franco announced that after his death Spain would once again be ruled under a Monarchy. In 1969 Franco picked King Juan Carlos l the grandson of King Alfonso XIII to be his successor of Spain and he would also be the first ruler of the

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