How Did The Peer Leader? Essay

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How did the peer leader (PL) encourage or demonstrate that he/she values active participation of students in the session? For example, at the beginning of the question session, peer leader would say “hi” to students, which reveals a sense of welcoming questions, so students would willing to ask questions. I found this way would help increase the chance of receiving questions from students.

What were specific actions/question performed/asked by the PL that increased student involvement, attention, participation, and thinking? Peer leader would ask students questions like “what is combustion reaction?” or ask students questions that require them to pull knowledge from what they do know before to get students’ attention and participation.

How did the PL demonstrate a climate of respect for what others had to say? Peer leader would listen students’ questions first without interrupting. Also, peer leader will not directly say that his or her answer is wrong, instead, she will redirect them to the right direction. For example, peer leader would say something like “Right, so are there two equations for this question?”, which helps students to increase their confidence.

What proportion of the time did the PL spend talking and what proportion of the time did the students spend talking? (Estimate percentages as best you can). I think peer leader did the talking for about eighty percent of the time and students did the twenty percent of talking. Basically, students would…

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