Essay on How Did The Moon Landing Affect Us?

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How Did the Moon Landing Affect Us?

We 've all heard the story of the moon landing since we were children, and we all know it by heart. So I won 't bother telling you the story again. But what many people do not know is the massive impact it had on America, even today. The moon landing inspired a great deal of movies, technologies, foods and other items, which in turn inspired more society-changing items. The two countries in the Cold War during the 1960 's, America and the USSR, were competing with each other on many different fields, including space exploration. The work of the Apollo missions and moon landing has done much for us, even today. The Apollo missions helped America to advance technology in bounds. Just one example of something that Apollo 11 inspired was the company Intel. The company was founded in 1968, and would not have exploded if integrated circuits, a necessity for the computers aboard the Apollo shuttles, had not been invented, which it had been by Jack Kilby. The founders of Intel, Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce, took advantage of this technology and developed their own silicon computer chips, which is how Intel began as a company. Intel is one of the largest semiconductor chip producers in the world. In addition to that, many different softwares got updates partly thanks to us landing on the moon and Apollo missions. One example is cochlear implants, or improved hearing aids. Another is the insulin pump, invented after NASA explored…

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