How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Canada

The Industrial Revolution lasted many years and it traveled through many states and countries. One of the countries that it went through was Canada, which caused the spreading of Canadian immigrants. There were many reasons for them to leave their country because of political reasons and the moving of companies. Also, America had a lot of opportunities for new immigrants, so some Canadian companies moved to America. After almost half of the Canadian population went down, Canada had to change. Nevertheless the immigrants didn't really have a big impact now but Canada helped turn America and New England to its new industrialized self. One of the biggest characteristics of all the immigration to America was for them to gather together in the industrial cities of the northern east (Commager 63). Canadians companies saw great potential in America. America was starting its industrial revolution when Canada decided to travel here. Most Canadians from Ontario decided to follow the French companies more than any other provinces. The new companies came and started making mills into their work bases. New Inventions caused the making of new machinery which was the start of the Industrial Revolution. One of the mayors of Woonsocket was Mayor Pothier a French Canadian who came …show more content…
That made the Canadian government worry about there standing in the revolution so they desiced themselves to start their own Industrial Revolution. Some Americans went to Canada while more and more Canadians came to America. That caused each country to work harder to get better population percentages. The American population of French Canadians grew and grew over the years.” A total of 100,000 French Canadians are estimated to have immigrated to the United States between 1900 and 1910”(Ember 292). Canadians thought they were doing way better with American salaries until they went through the struggle of the horrible working

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