How Did The Indian Military Contribute During World War 2 From 1939-1945?

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Many countries at this time were in the need of men during World War 2. Many of them had colonies, and in these colonies, many men were willing to lay down their lives in the name of the Queen. My research question is, To what extent did the Indian Military contribute to Allied victories in World War 2 from 1939-1945? Indian soldiers were selected from many different castes, and religions, including Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs. Many, many soldiers were used extensively during the First World War. Lots of them sacrificed their lives for a less purposeful war. A lot of Indian soldiers also had no choice to fight. This subject has greatly interested me because I was only notified of India’s involvement in the Second World War when my grandfather was old enough to tell me. He told me that he was an engineer in Burma who built makeshift airports and bridges, and that he fought the Japanese. He told me that Indians, throughout history, had this fighting spirit and fighting courage. They were always willing to sacrifice their lives, only if it was for a good cause. Some questions started to pop up in my head, “how much did the Indian army help?”, and “did they see any fighting? If so, where and for how long?” This led to my inquiry, and led me to really look in-depth into it.
People think of WW2 as a bunch of Caucasian men fighting to stop Hitler and the Japanese in mainly Europe and the Pacific. What they don’t know is many other ethnicities, the most prevalent…

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