How Did The French Become Dominant Competitors? Essay

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1. How did the French become the dominant competitors in the increasingly global wine industry for centuries? What sources of competitive advantage were they able to develop to support their exports? Where were they vulnerable?
According to the article, at the time of the Christian era, wine became part of the liturgical services and monasteries were the ones that planted vines and built wineries. Usually the European nobility was the ones who started planting vineyards as a symbol of prestige. The French people who produced wine became a very dominant competitor. There are four reasons why they became so dominant: First, geography and weather play a very important role since France is in the middle of Europe, their climate and soil are good for harvesting grape. Another actor is that they became the first high-quality wine market and gained a lot experience. Their reputation increased because France traded wine with other countries and it was spread by word of mouth, which worked really well. Third, mass production of glass bottles and the use of cork stoppers and pasteurization were their latest innovations. These important innovations increased the stability and longevity of wine and also allowed the transportation of wine to very far places, and it was when the birth global wine market occurred. Finally, the government support made an important effect on the reputation and improvement. The government controlled the wine production and quality, they came up with detailed…

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