How Did The First Law Enforcement Systems Affect The United States?

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How did the First Law Enforcement Systems begin in Different Parts of the United States? The first law enforcement systems developed differently in the North, South, and Western parts of the United States.
The North, South, and West had no form of policing when first established because it had never been done before in America and was fairly new in Europe. However, they realized that in order to keep the peace and happiness of everyone people would need to step up. These people at first were volunteers and did it to protect their property. The reason the North set up law enforcement was because they wanted to protect their business. The South wanted to create law enforcement to keep their slaves form running away. Finally the West wanted law enforcement to protect their freedom and their land. Without any help from previous generations America tried to create a new law enforcement. The early colonists started policing when they first arrived in America and had established cities and towns. April of 1631, in Boston, the townspeople volunteered to watch the city at night (Early Days of…). These watchmen would patrol the night trying to catch criminals. If criminals were spotted the watchmen would scream and set off alarms to raise awareness to the townspeople. In smaller places the governor would appoint sheriffs to watch over the city at nighttime. The sheriff was appointed to watch the town instead of volunteers because of the small number of people in the area. Cities…

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