Essay on How Did The Egyptian Religion Function?

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The ancient Roman and Greek societies received the most recognition but my interest resides elsewhere. The one civilization that drew much attention and had a lot of interaction with Rome and Greece is ancient Egypt. To the Roman and Greek peoples the Egyptian civilization was seen as a mysterious realm of exotica, power, and wealth. For these reasons I, just like the ancient world, wanted to know more about this culture. My main focus was the unique belief system the Egyptians possessed. I was most interested in their deities and their stance on the afterlife. The questions that fueled my research are as follow: Who were the deities that the Egyptians worshiped. How did the Egyptian religion function? How did the Romans view the Egyptian culture? The Egyptian religion is polytheistic, worshiping multiple gods, with many complex rituals and beliefs. These gods were in control of the elements and forces of nature. Any natural phenomena were believed to have been caused by the gods. Different gods were in control of different forces and different parts of the world. Some gods like Khnum were credited with bringing the Nile flood every year, this was essential to life in that area creating fertile farm land for crops to be grown. For some rather important forces, many gods were accredited with the duty. For example there were many gods in control of the life sustaining sun, Ra, Atum, Khepri, Horus, and other deities. (Britannica) Many of the Egyptian gods and…

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