How Did the Decision to Conduct an ROI Study Influence the Design of Coaching Program

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Question 1. How did the decision to conduct an ROI study influence the design of coaching program.
Nations Hotel Corporation is one of the reputed USA based hotel company, with an international presence in 15 countries worldwide. Hospitality industries are quiet competitive in nature and today’s success rule of hospitality includes knowledge, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency which provides pleasure of stay and departure to their guests. Any addition or subtraction in these components can increase or decrease the rating of any organization. Nations Hotel with 98% brand awareness and 72% as customer satisfaction ratio were still far from the race of preferred choice amongst the customers. Hence there, arose a need to
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Determining the effectiveness of training program is referred as evaluation. Kirkpatrick’s four level framework measures the outcomes of an effective training program, which includes following four levels of evaluation, also there is a fifth level of evaluation, which is out of the Kirkpatrick’s framework of evaluation, and is known as Return on Investment.(Chapter 6-Training Evaluation-Kirkpatrick’s four level of framework of evaluation criteria)
Level 1 Reaction: It provides feedback about the content of the program, participant’s engagement, data gathered in this level helps in improving the training program
Level 2. Learning: Knowledge and skills of trainees are tested through norm referenced test, criterion referenced test or quizzes, observations and work samples, and data collected at this level, helps to judge the skill based outcomes of trainee from the training.
Level 3. Application: These are also known as affective outcomes, which are measured through collection of data via interviews and attitude surveys, to measure the skill enhancements after training.
Level 4. Results or Business Impact: How much training program has paid off for the company, such as improvement in customer care inclined or declined on turn around time after the training, measuring such outcomes falls, under this level, which is measured by collecting data through performance records, observation, information system
Level 5. ROI: This step compares the

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