How Did Stonehenge Build

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What was the Stonehenge built for? There are many ancient histories of kings and cities, even death of people.There are so many ancient histories that hasn't been discovered from the scientists like how they died or what tools they used to make their houses 64000 bc ago. A mystery that hasn't been discovered yet is what the stonehenge were built for. One thing that scientists are still asking is why the stonehenge was built.One theory is that it was built to tell time. Another theory is it was a graveyard.The last theory was made for a place to heal.The prehistoric moment that it took the Neolithic builders to make it was estimated 1500 years,The stonehenge is 9 metres tall. They think that the Neolithic builders built the outer ring out of sandstone and the inner ring out of blue stone.

The most believed theory was that they built the stonehenge to tell what time and month it was because in the stone age there wasn't any technology. The rocks of the stonehenge is a kind of solar calendar to track the movement of the sun and moon to know what time and when the months change.So the Neolithic people know when to hunt for their food or when other animals start hunting.One weakness in this theory is there are other

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