How Did Soldiers Become A Prisoner Of War

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Register to read the introduction… "Prisoners of war are those captured by the enemy while fighting in the military." Most canadians captured during the second world war were held in german camps. Approximately nine thousand canadian soldiers, airmen, naval sailors and merchant seamen were captured. Six thousand seven hundred and ninety one soldiers were part of the army and at least two thousand four hundred and seventy five were in the air force. We often forget that "the statics presented to us are people".Thousands of ordinary, every day people were placed in an extraordinary position as a prisoner of war, with not much hope or understanding of what the future brought. This effected many people and groups. The soldiers families did not know where they were, if they were alive, wounded or ever coming home. The armies they had been taken from now needed more troops coming to battle, increasing the risk of more casualties. Another area affected was the generation of soldier to come. These soldiers would be more aware of the chance that they too could become a prisoner of war. Striking fear into their minds and causing them to rethink what they are really becoming a part of. More importantly this was just the beginning for these frightened soldiers who faced a unpredictable and scary journey that later became a significant part of canadian

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