How Did Slavery Affect The Life Of African American Slavery

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Register to read the introduction… The start of their day begin with a bell ringing to wake them up at four o’clock in the morning and they are given a half an hour to get ready. Both men and woman work together, and the woman must work as steadily as the men and perform the same tasks as the men. Woman slaves who were pregnant were treated with no greater compassion and with no less severity than her man. Slave owners had a reserved punishment for woman that were pregnant; “She is compelled to lie down over a hole made to receive her corpulency, and is flogged with the whip, or beat with a paddle, which has hoes in it; at every stroke comes a blister”. In order for a black woman to function as a slave, they needed to annul themselves from being a woman and equal themselves to men. Slaves were treated with barbarous inhumanity. They often had to wear iron collars around their necks, drag heavy chains and weights at their feet while working in the fields to prevent runaways. Sometimes slave owners put them in stocks all day with gags in their mouths, causing their teeth to break off. Each day they were severely punished with whips. Slaves were tortured for the entertainment of their masters, they would get pepper rubbed into their cuts, burnt and beaten naked. The life African American slaves lived was cruel, although in time many were able to create a tolerable life and community for …show more content…
Along with that topic it explained the origins of slavery and its importance it played in the economic and political growth of the United States. From my research I learned how cruel and degrading the daily lives of African American slaves were. They were tormented and overworked. Their whole life was controlled by a man they called “master”. Women were treated with no greater compassion, they worked side by side with their men, and children who were born into slavery became slaves for life. I came upon this topic after taking a course called Building Community Through Diversity at Notre Dame de Namur this past semester. I became very interested in learning about slavery, white power, privilege, and race. To help me illuminate my topic I used both books and internet sources. It is important that everyone is educated about slavery, because never want history to repeat itself again. The institution of slavery was not a good thing but without institution of slavery the United States wouldn’t of been so rich in agriculture. African slaves played a major role in the growth of the United States, without the institution of slavery; tobacco, cotton and many other plantations would not of made nearly the amount it has done. In conclusion, the wealth of our nation bore with the institution of

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