The South Support Slavery In The United States

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The civil war is known as America’s bloodiest war in history with around 620 thousand casualties. This war had occurred during the slavery period and was mainly fought over the freedom of black people in society even though the south tried to deny it. The North and The South had been divided as two separate nations with two completely different perspective on the current laws of the U.S. During this time period, slavery was becoming unprofitable in the North and had been dying out. In contrast to the South, once cotton had replaced tobacco, slavery then became more profitable. The South’s connotation for being a more racist society had factored into their views supporting Slavery. Reputations like that are very hard to get rid of (especially …show more content…
Of course, The South did not have as much technological and industrial advancements as The North until after slavery was abolished. The North had more massive industrial factories, as to The South had lived in a more farming community base. At the time, the partial reasoning behind The South supporting slavery was due to the economy and business interest, particularly agriculture. It was more convenient to have slaves working free labor, then to have paid workforces doing all the work, this was the ultimate advantage that affected the region 's economy. The North had believed otherwise, that slavery was taking more jobs away from the whites and argued that slavery was hurting the economy rather than boosting it. The only people who did not profit off anything was the slaves working the free labor, the black population. The war began due to the struggle of trying to preserve the union, not the struggle of trying to free the slaves. Though the fight to free the slaves benefited black people all around America and derived from morals and ethic, they were not prioritized. Lincoln having a personal dislike of slavery, was willing to tolerate it in some states if it meant preserving the union.
Although almost every historian today agrees that slavery and the preservation of slavery was the cause of the civil war, The South denied it at the time. The South claimed that the cause of the
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Today we are still in the process of creating equality among races but we are definitely way ahead of where we were around 160 years ago. With all of the progress our country has made there is still an injustice system that favors whites among all races. As mentioned earlier, the president-elect is a racist man, but racism goes much further than that. According to CNN Money the hourly wage gaps between blacks and whites widened to 26.7%. This is a shocking statement since in 1979 the wage gap was 18.1%.

New York during the time of the Civil War had the Draft Riots. These riots only lasted three days and they were filled with working-class citizens who opposed the civil war and were discontent with people being drafted into it. If anything remained unchanged, it is New York’s ability to riot. Every day there is a riot or a peaceful protest in the city. The last big protest that everybody may have heard about was when Trump became the next elect President in

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