How Did Second Wave Feminism Affect The Lives Of Women? Essay example

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How did Second Wave Feminism affect the lives of women?

Second Wave feminism is recgonized as an active period of feminist activism beginning in the 1960’s and ending in the late 1980’s. The fight for legal equality and suffrage began with the First Wave feminists in the nineteenth and early twentieth century and much of the basis for Second Wave feminism is based in the views of equality between men and woman. Second Wave feminism worked to create greater equality in social aspects and establish clear rights of woman. Second Wave feminism spread globally and created a large recgonition of the inequality women face. Second Wave feminism’s global affect irreversibly changed western culture and created progress internationally. Second Wave feminists fought for repoductive rights, such as legal abortion and for birth control to be a valid aspect of heath covered by all insurance. Legal rights such as being able to take a loan out without a husband or father’s signature was a key point in legal equality for Second Wave feminists. Being able to participate in sports and the creation of womens athletic programs was also another aspect of womens rights that second wave feminists fought for. Second Wae feminists also fought for the Equal Rights Amendment which would be placed in the constitution guaranteeing legal equality for women and recongnition of womens equal value. Another important mark of Second Wave feminsim was fighting for the protection of women and creating…

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