How Did Post World War II Europe Influence On The Visit? Essay

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How did Post World War II Europe Influence on The Visit? The Visit, a play written by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, tells the story of a poor town in desperate need of money. A town member that was ostracized by the town forty-five years prior comes back, now extremely wealthy, and offers to help her hometown get back on their feet. However, she does this under one condition, that she gets justice on the man who ruined her life. The play captures the townspeople 's hesitation, but ultimate decision to follow through with this proposition. This is captured through absurd dialogue and characters while uncovering universal truths relating to the power of money and the perception of justice. Through the absurdist events of the play, the author manages to show the link between the events plaguing Europe at the time and the events of the play. Friedrich Dürrenmatt uses the events of post World War II Europe to influence The Visit by comparing the characters to Germany and Switzerland and relating the plot to what was occurring in Europe in the 1950s. In the 1950s, Germany was involved in the Cold War, a state of political and military tension from 1947-1991 between the United States and their allies and the Soviet Union and their allies. Along with the Cold War, Germany also had to worry about the state that World War II left their country in. Germany was one of the locations in which much of the fighting took place during World War II and were also still dealing with the…

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