How Did Martin Luther King Contribute To The Civil Rights Movement

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Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the leading figures in the Civil Right Movement. He led thousands of African American people though nonviolent protests on the streets. One nonviolent protest was a sit-in that was against the unjust treatments of Blacks in Birmingham. Birmingham was used as an example to symbolize society at the time. Dr. King was arrested and trialed for boycotting in Birmingham, since it was deemed illegal during this time. During his time in jail, Dr. King wrote an open letter that talked about the criticisms of the nonviolent protests against segregation and racism and his response to those claims. One of these criticisms was how the black community should be patient and wait for society to move gradually towards civil rights. Just like how Christianity took almost 2000 years to be socially accepted. King responded by saying how people aren’t given freedom by their …show more content…
Everything was majority planned out. But because of societal events, King’s nonviolent activities were delayed. However, it all came out to have an even bigger impact. King’s ideals of the perfect society, was for everyone including whites and colored to have the same rights as each other. To support and help each other to be better and advance forward. Not that white people have to give up their rights to be like colored people, but to give colored people the same rights as white people. King says in his letter to live together, not apart or separately. Saying that even innocent little children can tell apart the signs of the “whites only” and “colored” and that should say something about the society they live in. It is not that hard to see, people were treated differently based on their ethnicity. Everyone has so much potential, maybe even more, but without the same advantages and chances, many great minds were

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