How Did Joseph Stalin Change

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Time Person of the Year 1942

Joseph Stalin

That’s right! For the second time, our person of the year is Joseph Stalin! He is the current leader of the Soviet Union, or communist Russia. He is currently fighting the Nazis with the Americans and the British. Right now we will give an explanation of his rise to power.

To start with, Joseph Stalin led an impressive early life and young adulthood. Joseph Stalin was born on December 18, 1878, in Gori, Georgia. He excelled in seminary school, but was expelled in 1899 for spreading subversive views about the Tsarist rule of Russia. In 1902, Stalin was arrested and sent to Siberia for being a part of a communist rebellion against Tsarist rule. Stalin rejoined the rebellion in 1904 after escaping prison. After several years of struggle, Stalin and the communists finally overthrew the Tsarist rule and established the Soviet Union. In 1922, Stalin became the leader of The Soviet Union. From then on, things would change in the Soviet Union.
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From 1927 to 1930, millions of Soviets were accused of conspiracy and treason by Stalin, and many were executed. As Stalin’s reign of terror continued, he became Time Magazine’s person of the year in 1939. However, that was also the year World War 2 began. The Soviet Union was relaxed at the beginning of the war, but in 1941, just last year, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis launched a surprise attack on the Soviet Union. The Soviets, who were unprepared, suffered huge losses and were forced to prepare for

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